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Europe is twenty seven magnificent and amazing countries, which are placed on the territory with total area of ten millions square kilometers and this paradise continent is washed by the waters of two largest oceans – Arctic and Atlantic. The population of Europe is about seven hundred and fifty million people. Each country consists of plenty cities, which year by year attracts more and more tourists from every corner of the world. The name of the continent derived from the name of mythical ancient Greek goddess Europe. The most popular cities among all, which attract crowds of tourists and were chosen by the majority of experienced travelers, are described below:



This is the only best place in all over the world according to its elegance and style. Paris is considered as the most visited touristic sight. Paris is beautiful and romantic in any season of year and it is the capital of the second largest European country after Germany. Everyone, who comes here, falls in love with the beauty of this city. Numerous movies, songs and poems show and tell us about the sightseeing places of this marvelous city, such as Triumphal Arch – if you will climb to observation deck on 280 steps, you will see the gorgeous panorama of the square with the Triumphal Arch in the center. Seven avenues diverge from here like rays. Eiffel Tower – is the most romantic place for couples in love; it is like jewelry box, which keeps the secrets of love stories of marriage proposal, love confessions, straight talks of lovers. Notre Dame Cathedral – it is one of the most magnificent sights of France. Its gothic architecture fascinates by its mystic power. Champs-Elysées -  one of the most famous highways of Paris. Strolling down the street, you may be dizzy, and you will be amazed by the theatres, restaurants, luxury homes, world fashion life and style! A trip to Paris will remain in your memory unforgettable and warm impressions for all your life!

 champs_elysees_paris_3.jpg 655-402-parizh-vodolivnik.jpg muzey-luvr.jpg sobor_parizh_bogomateri_parizh.jpg


It was founded in 753 BC and it continues to develop and grow successfully, its power and magnificence have a great influence on the whole world. There are a lot of ancient artifacts, plenty of architectural monuments of art and culture such as Coliseum – one of the most grandiose constructions built in first century, which contained fifty thousand Romans, who were coming to see mass entertainment of that time. Gorgeous and beautiful fountains, located in Rome, such as the Fountain of Four Rivers, constructed in 1648, Neptune Fountain on Navon Square, built in 1574, and of course the Fountain of the Moor, which was constructed according to the project of famous Italian architect Giacomo in 1576, in the middle of which the sculpture of Moor, competing with dolphin, is erected. Capitol Hill – there is a Capitol Square, Senators’ Palace and the Palace of the Conservatives, where you can visit the museums and temples on the top of it, which won’t leave you indifferent. We can write about this grandeur city endlessly, but it is worse to see everything with your own eyes!


kolizei4.jpg fontan_trevi_2rom.jpg capitoliiskii-holm.jpg fontan_chetyrekh_rek.jpg


Wonderful and exquisite Barcelona! This Spanish city, situated on 5 hills on the Costa Dorada over the Mediterranean Sea, quiet near the Pyrenean Mountains. It was highlighted and described by many well-known figures of art and poetry, politics and travelers from all over the world. The districts of Barcelona are named by the names of all five hills. It is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city after Madrid according to the population. When you will arrive in Barcelona, we recommend you to visit The Cathedral Church, located in the Gothic district, the Sagrada Familia constructed on the project of architect Antonio Gaudi, the Picasso Museum, Park Guell, the Columbus statue in the Rambla district, as well as a number of other sightseeing places of the city, such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Wax Museum, the Museum of Theatre art etc.


sagrada-familia_barselona.jpg cologne_barselona.jpg barselona-05.jpg barselona_1.jpg


The Clementinum, Dancing House, Tyn Church, Visehrad, Prasna Brana (Powder Tower), Karluv Most (Charles Bridge), Staromestske Namesti (Old Town Square), Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle) and many other sightseeing places, each of which is a masterpiece of architectural art, is characterized by the cozy and warm capital city in Europe – Prague. If you will find yourself there once, you won’t have a willing to leave it, because it attracts all travelers with its beautiful, unique and incomparable architectural style, unusual appearance in every inch of the city, the friendliness and hospitality of the local population, friendly atmosphere and many other advantages and peculiar features. Here you can also make a good shopping, because you can buy quality goods on reasonable prices. Recreation parks, gardens, ancient temples and cathedrals occupy quite a large territory of the city and that’s why, this beautiful city attracts a lot of tourists.

tynskiy_khram.jpg cecc001335576756272d1371e71most_praga.jpg neobychnye-zdaniya-prague_06-1024x768.jpg praga11.jpg


Venice - the fairytale and the most romantic city. About 16 million tourists visit Venice every year. The main transport in Venice are boats, so the first thing you need to do is to ride along the main Avenue of the Grand Channel - there you will see the beauty of Venice old mansions, placed waist-deep in water, where lived the most famous people, such as traveler Marco Polo, composer Antonio Vivaldi, artist Javani Belini, etc. When you will arrive in Venice, you will feel freedom and love; the beauty of this city, architectural buildings, cathedrals and churches, such as the Piazza San Marco is perhaps the most romantic place on Earth, here you can see crowds of tourists, walking around and taking photos of sights, from all over the world. Venice is a place, which will make you joy and admire its beauty and coloring so you will soar as a bird! Walking through the narrow streets, you will meet couples of all ages, cuddling and kissing, holding their hands, they are watching with loving eyes at each other and enjoying the extremely beautiful sunset!

30-minute-private-gondola-ride-in-venice-xlc93rn4.jpg depositphotos_70583759-stock-photo-carnival-in-venice_karnaval_venetsiya.jpg v1_vkhod_v_ploshchad_san_marko.jpg venetsiya_zakat.jpg

 However, Europe has many other amazingly beautiful cities, which are as beautiful as others, though not so big and famous, but each with its own short, but rich history, picturesque nature, grandeur buildings and high level culture will leave the most beautiful memories!


 Asia - covers the largest part of the world and its population is more than four billion people. It has gathered all the most beautiful things, which gave us nature - the best resorts, tropical beaches, incredibly beautiful sceneries. Asia is mysterious and interesting. It has a rich history and culture! Here are some of the best places in Asia:


Asia 7



On the East coast of Asia situated the island country, which is called Japan. It consists of the large chain of Islands on the North-South-West circular arc, which stretches through the western part of Pacific Ocean for 2400 km. Almost whole territory of the country is occupied by the four main islands such as Khokkaido, Khonsyu, Sikoku and Kyusyu from the northern part to southern. Among these four islands the largest one is Khonsyu, the second largest island is Khokkaido, Kyusyu is the third one and the last is Sikoku. Besides, Japan includes plenty of small islands and the main groups are: Volcanic Islands, placed on the South and East from the center of Khonsyu Island, Ryukyu (Nansei) Islands, placed on the South and West from Kyusyu and Izu Islands, Bonin (Ogasawara) islands. Tokyo is the capital of the country, situated on East-Central part of Khonsyu Island, and it is considered as one of the most populous cities in the world. Customs, traditions and way of life of Japanese people will be very interesting to any traveler because of its uniqueness and originality!

nachifallsandpagoda2_700_yaponiya.jpg yaponiya_novyy_gorodjpg111.jpg yaponiya2.jpg yaponiya.jpg


 This country is situated in South East Asia and its area stretches from equator to the North. The area is divided into two nonadjacent regions – Western Malaysia and Eastern Malaysia. Western Malaysia is also called as Semenanjung (Barat), which is placed on the peninsula of Malakka, and Eastern Malaysia, situated on Borneo Island, it is also called as Temur. Kuala-Lumpur is the capital of the country. It is situated on the Western part of the peninsula in 40 kilometers from the coast. Putrajaya is the administration center of the capital and it is placed twenty five kilometers away from it. Previously this lands was the property of Great Britain. Nowadays Malaysia is the independent country which is considered as one of the most visited countries of South East Asia. All experienced travelers and tourists consider that everyone who prefers traveling instead of other way of vacation must visit this country in order to see the beauty of this paradise and put all impressions in the memory forever! 

 malaiziya.jpg malaysia.jpg kuala_malaziya.jpg top-of-batu-caves-malaysia.jpg 


 Singapore is South-East Asian country situated in the center of it. As the economy of this country grows very fast and as the regime of law and order is quite strict, so this country became very popular and famous among travelers and businessmen. The population of Singapore is five and a half million that’s why it is considered as the third most populous country in the world. There are many ethnic groups in Singapore, but the most part of population is Chinese, what is comparable with Macao in China and Monaco. Singapore is placed at southern part of Malaysia, to the North from Indonesia. It consists of 63 separate Islands with a total area of 704 square kilometers. The biggest island is Pulau Udjong, which is also called Singapore. Singapore is much more than its many sightseeing places which attract plenty of tourists. It is constantly evolving and being reinvented with people who are passionate about creating new opportunities. Here you can meet gourmets, researchers, collectors, adventurers, public figures etc. New impressions every day are guaranteed for each guest of this wonderful country! When you will visit Singapore learn and see as more as you can and don’t stop doing it!

singapurrr_1s.jpg basein_singapur.jpg singapore-1singapur.jpg singapur002_s.jpg


 Indonesia is a country located on the coast of Pacific and Indian Oceans in South East Asia. The territory of this archipelago, which stretches through the line of equator and occupies the area, which equal with 1/8 part of circumference of Earth. The small islands of this archipelago form the larger Sunda islands  - Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan – southern part of Borneo Island, and  Celebes (Sulavesi); small islands Sunda (Nusa Tengarra) – Bali island and the chain of islands, which pass through Temur to the East; Molucca islands (Malucu) placed between Celebes and New Guinea islands which are known also as Papua. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, which is situated near the Northwest coast of Java. At the beginning of the 21st century Indonesia was the fourth most populous in the world. The journey through the archipelago will be the most memorable for you! Let yourself spend more time to travel for a long distances in order to see and learn more about these wonderful and picturesque places!

    dostoprimechatelnosti-indonezii.jpg indoneziya_1.jpg bali-1024x630.jpg httpse-asiaruwp-contentuploads201308stindoneziya.jpg
   South Korea

South Korea is a country situated on the territory of South East Asia and occupies the southern part of Korean peninsula. The country has borders with the East China Sea on South, with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) in the North, with the Yellow Sea on West and with the East Sea (Japan Sea) on East; Korea is separated from Tsushima Island by Korea Channel  South-East. Forty five percent of peninsula belongs to the territory of South Korea South Korea. The capital of the Republic of South Korea is Seoul. Due to its fast growing economy, ancient culture, and increasingly prominent presence on the world stage, South Korea is fast becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet, which means that travelers wishing to visit South Korea, have more options than ever when it comes to accommodation, choice of restaurants and things. The tourism industry distinguishes the country from many other Asian tourist destinations as it is very much developed here! Koreans are very hospitable and well-mannered, and they are very responsive and will always come to help everyone who needs it!

vesna-v-koree.png seulll2.jpg seuuuuul.jpg seul11.jpg 

Russia today is the largest country in the world, which occupies more than 6.5 million square miles and covers 11 time zones, as well as the ninth populous country with the population of 142 million people and spans the entire Northern part of Eurasia and 40% of Europe and Russia is rich in major mineral and energy resources. Russian lakes make up a quarter of the world's fresh water reserves. Russia also has access to the Atlantic, Northern and Pacific oceans. This extremely great and huge country covers an area with amazingly beautiful and unique nature, its forests, lakes, seas and mountains. Every traveler should know and must be sure that they will find anything they were looking for here in this largest part of the world!

Russia 7



Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation, as well as the largest city in Europe with a population of about 11.5 million people. It is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. Currently, there are more than a hundred different nationalities and ethnic groups in the Russian capital. Moscow is known for its stormy history, which can be judged by seeing the capital of this huge power. Numerous interesting historical buildings date back to both periods. Among them are St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, Red Square and Bolshoi theatre. In addition, this fast-growing cosmopolitan city has a huge number of other unique tourist attractions, a wide range of cultural attractions and numerous shopping and dining options.

moscow_123.jpg bolshoy_teatr.jpg 1200px-moscow-city_36211143494.jpg moskva_kreml.jpg

 Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg – is the city of palaces and cathedrals, terraces and canals, which is not comparable with any other city of Russia because of its magnificence and beauty and many other unique features and advantages. "The city on the Neva" - that's how it is usually called, it is the northernmost city and therefore it is also called as the Northern capital of Russia. Its richest and most unique museums in the world, Grand palaces, numerous bridges and entertainment parks make it one of the best tourist destinations in the world according to the TripAdvisor user survey. And if you have ever visited this fabulously beautiful city, then you will have willing to do it again! We can recommend you to visit the Winter Palace, located in the heart of the city, Peter and Paul fortress with its defensive walls, which were used for tools retention that protected the city from water attacks, the world - famous Hermitage, which contains the largest collection of Russian art in the world-more than 3 million exhibits, as well as many other interesting places that will enchant you at first sight!

     zsheukigkp.jpg most_piter.jpg zsheuk3.jpg spas_na_krovi_piter.jpg


It combines several cultures and religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. All these cultures are gathered in one mysterious and unexplored desert place as the Middle East - a place situated in Western Asia and North Africa. The main way the Middle East goes through Europe, Asia and Africa.

"The East is tricky" - this idiomatic expression tells us about the culture and traditions of each corner of this mysterious place, beautiful old mosques and temples, magnificent palaces, which keeps a centuries-old history. This region always attracts travelers from all over the world!


Middle East 5



Dubai is a developing city of the United Arabian Emirates. It is like an oasis in the desert. This place never stops to amaze with its development. Here you will see the new world of civilization - huge skyscrapers, one of them Burj Khalifa-this skyscraper beat world record by the height and number of floors of the building. According to the shape it reminds the appearance of a desert flower. There is an observation deck on the 128th floor - every tourist has a great opportunity to see Dubai from a bird's eye view. The Aqua Park is thematically connected with the fairy-tale history of the traveler Sinbad. This place is the best for young travelers and for adults. The best modern equipment and about 25 rides will leave unforgettable impressions. And, of course, the Palm Islands - the largest archipelago in the world, this unique artificial island in the shape of palm trees has three Islands. The most expensive hotels and residential complexes are located there. You should watch and enjoy the modern life of the East! Nowadays Dubai can surprise everyone by plenty of things. Of course we mustn’t forget about the old town in the Deira district, we can say that this whole area is a Bazaar. This pungent smell of spices, colorful fabrics and exotic products, it is the rustling of women's bedspreads on the narrow streets, the aroma of incenses that envelops and entices you into the unknown path of illusions and mirages!

dubai_4.jpg dubai_3.jpg dubai_2.jpg dubai_1.jpg


Israel is a Holy land of three religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism, and it has a long and rich history. Here you can see: Wailing Wall-the main Shrine of religious attractions in Judaism. Anyone, no matter what confession he represents, can pray here and leave messages to God in the form of a note.  There are quarries of King Solomon - is a natural cave, which was used for the extraction of limestone for the construction of Jerusalem temple. The Temple of Holy Sepulcher - the main Shrine of Christians around the world; according to the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and raised up in this place; the El Aksa Mosque – is the third most important Muslim Shrine, which was the first after Mecca and Medina. Muslims turn their face towards these cities during prayer. The journey of Muhammad prophet connected with this place also – here he met the prophets, who had been sent before him Jesus, Abram and Moses. Here you can also see the Bahai Temple of Nazareth - the holy city of the Christian world, and many other interesting places. Coming to Israel, you will feel yourself as a pilgrim and as a tourist, who came here to relax and enjoy the vacation. There are three resort places in Israel on the Mediterranean coast: you can see the Red Sea and Dead Sea, and you can taste excellent and delicious meals and enjoy the comfort service! Israel - this is the place which you should visit at least once in your life!

izraile.jpg izrail.jpg stena_placha.jpg izrayel.jpg


Turkey is a country situated on the Southeast of Europe and southwest Asia. This is the best place for tourists – the weather is warm, the sun is shining brightly, the beaches of four seas - Black, Mediterranean, Marmara and Aegean coast are full of people, the ancient culture, architectural monuments, mosques and palaces such as the Topkapi Palace - the main Palace of the Ottoman Empire. Here you can visit the Museum of the clothing of the sultans, which contains jewelry, a collection of sacred relics of the Islamic and Christian world and plenty of other attractive exhibits. The Sultan-Akhmed Blue Mosque - is called the "blue mosque" because of the tiles used in decoration and when the sun light gets inside through the plenty of windows, so then you can see the effect of a blue glow. We can describe all unique features of Turkey endlessly, as coming here you will feel like in “Aladdin” fairy tale - there are large bazaars and screaming sellers of sweet fruits and paradise sweets, excellent cuisine and parties until the morning. Turkey is a hospitable country where you can relax as you wish! We offer you to have a vacation in Turkey in a high level of service and comfort at any time of the year and with any budget!

opkapy_turtsiya.jpg kurort-kushadasyi_turtsiya.jpg turtsiya-mekka-dlya-lyubiteley-iskusstva-i-istorii-de58e.jpg istambul_turtsiya.jpg



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